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Our lab is intimately involved with the MSU Connection Project.  The MSU Connection initiative is a new multidisciplinary program at Mississippi State University designed to make suicide attempts and death by suicide a never event. Informed by the 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention, this new initiative aims to reduce suicides by 1) Creating stronger connections between mental health providers across campus; 2) Broadening our mental helath network by providing QPR gatekeeper training to student leaders, faculty and staff; and 3) Creating new health and wellness initiatives aimed to help reduce suicidal ideation and encourage help-seeking behaviors.  MSU is the largest university in the state of Mississippi with an enrollment of 20,365 students and growing. Our campus is extremely diverse with 20.2% of students being African-American and 24.9% affiliating with an ethnic minority group. MSU also has a strong connectiong with the military, and 10% of our student body consists of members of the Veterans community.

The MSU Connection project is generously funded by a three year, $304,073 grant from SAMHSA.

MSU Connection Leadership Team:

Michael R. Nadorff, Ph.D., co-director
E. Samuel Winer, Ph.D., co-director
Mitchell Berman, Ph.D.
Kim Kavalsky, M.S.
Leah Pylate, M.S.

MSU Suicide Course Materials

Syllabi, PowerPoints, Video Lectures (Exams available via email)

MSU Connection In The News:

MSU grant gives greater transparency to suicide issue -- 02/04/2014

Video: MSU holds suicide prevention seminar -- 02/03/2014

MSU receives federal grant to enhance suicide-prevention education -- 12/05/2013