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30. Krakow, B,. Ulibarri, V., McIver, N., & Nadorff, M.R. (In Press). A novel therapy for chronic sleep onset insomnia: A retrospective, nonrandomized controlled study of auto-adjusting, dual level, positive airway pressure technology.  The Primary Care Companion.

29. *Lund, E.M., Schultz, J., Nadorff, M.R. (In Press).  The Factor Structure, Internal Consistency, and Convergent Validity of Two Suicide Assessment Competency Measures in Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.  Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.

28. Winer, E. S., Cervone, D., *Swinea, J.C., McKinney, C., Liu, R.T., & Nadorff, M. R. (In Press). Distinguishing Mediational Models and Analyses in Clinical Psychology: Atemporal Associations Do Not Imply Causation.  Journal of Clinical Psychology. PDF


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Book Chapters/Encyclopedia Articles

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