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The focus of our lab is the interplay of behavioral sleep medicine, suicidal behavior, and clinical geropsychology.  Below are the lab projects that we are currently working on, or hope to do in the near future.  To learn more about participating in any of our research projects, please click the participants button to the left.

Imagery Rehearsal Therapy in an Inpatient Sample:
In collaboration with researchers at The Menninger Clinic, our lab is examining the efficacy of using Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for nightmares in a sample of inpatient participants who report having frequent nightmares at their intake to the Menninger Clinic.  This study is only open to patients of the Menninger Clinic in Houston, Texas, but nightmare and insomnia treatment studies will begin in Starkville in the near future.

Bad Dream and Nightmare Measure Development: Although a great deal of research has shown the clinical relevance of bad dreams and nightmares, and the effectiveness of nightmare treatments, much of this research has been limited by a lack of well-validated measures of nightmare frequency and severity.  Our lab is currently working to develop a measure that assessses both bad dream and nightmare frequency and severity.  We will then conduct several studies to validate this new measure.

Insomnia Symptoms, Nightmares, and Suicide Risk: Our prior work has demonstrated that insomnia symptoms and nightmares are related to suicidal risk, and that nightmares are associated with suicidal risk independent of symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD (Nadorff, Nazem, & Fiske, 2011).  Our current studies aims to gain further insight into this relation by examining these relations differ by age, as well as examining potential mediating and moderating variables of these relations.